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Wilcox Tech Alumni

This section is dedicated to all Wilcox Tech graduates. Wilcox Tech alumni who want to share news with other graduates can e-mail us at:

We will post any news and keep a list of graduates with their name, year graduated, e-mail address, and website address.

John Francis Marsh - I am an Alumni of the Class of 1955 and the Art Center School, LA CA, Class of 1959. It would be nice to have information posted which talks about the school when it was on Miller Ave., near Miller Lighting. I can be reached at:   


Norman L. Moquin - I've had the 50th anniversary on my mind lately, but I'm in the process of moving to Cheshire,Ct from New Haven, Ct, and as I was going through what I have  accumulated in the 25 years at this address I came across my yearbook and diploma last week, and if that wasn't enough my class ring came out of hiding yesterday.  If I had been waiting for a sign to drop a line to HC Wilcox Tech, well I would say that that'll do it!  Last week I drove down Oregon Rd. and was amazed at how you've grown and are growing Since we moved to the "New Building" from the old school near downtown Meriden back in the early sixties.  State Trade schools have come a long way since we were the first class to take part in something "The Exploratory Program" where you got to try all the different programs.  We were also the last all male graduating class. It doesn't seem all that long ago, but like they say, "Time flies when you are having fun"!  I'm 68 now and retired after 50 months in the Navy right after graduating, where I got to work on aircraft. After a few minor jobs I worked in experimental dept, at Pratt and Whitney, from there I went to work at Sikorsky hand forming parts for the Black Hawk helicopter prototype.  I then spent the last 32 years until my retirement driving big road trucks for a New Haven forklift dealer, which was to my liking as the scenery was constantly changing outside my "office window". Well, enough chit chat for now the move to Cheshire must go on !  Sincerely, a grateful Grad

Norman L. Moquin


Nicole Aleshire I graduated in 1992 in the Automotive shop. I would like to let everyone know that we are trying to reach my graduating class to tell them that we are having a 20th class reunion. If you are from my graduating class please send me an email for further details

Pedro O. Cardona and I graduated  in 1972.  Are there any plans for a reunion?  My email is


John Wilcox is a 1964 graduate of the Electronics program. John's beloved wife of 43 years, Doreen Ann Cosgrove Wilcox, a Hairdressing and Cosmetology graduate in 1965, passed away May 19, 2009. Both retired from the Navy and John is currently living in Virginia Beach, Virginia. You can contact John Wilcox by e-mail at:

William Powers Hepp Jr. is a 1968 graduate form the Machine shop. His email address and phone is 203-213-4233.

Joe Santillo is a 1968 graduate of Wilcox Tech who was in the Printing Shop. He received his B.S. degree in 1972 from Quinnipiac College in Hamden, Connecticut and his Master's Degree in 1976 from the University of New Haven. He currently lives in Illinois. His e-mail address is:

Paul Fournier is a 1969 graduate of Wilcox Tech who studied in the Printing Shop. His e-mail is:

Tom Coss is a 1974 graduate of Wilcox Tech who studied Electronics. Tom is also a graduate of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. He has worked in Radio and TV Broadcasting at many stations around the state. You can call him at: 203-519-8016 or you can e-mail him at: You can also check out the Award Winning Tom Coss Website

My name is Mike Williams. My address is: Mike Williams, P.O. Box, 50 Randolph Center, VT, 05061.

Steve Lasko  is a 1977 graduate of Wilcox Tech who studied Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. He wants to find out about any class reunions that might be coming up. You can contact him at:

Rob Boyle graduated from the electronics shop in the class of '79. He got his batchelor's degree from MIT in '83 in aeronautics and astronautics, and has been working for NASA as an aerospace engineer since then. His group provides low-temperature refrigeration systems for astronomical and Earth-observing satellites. Rob and his (301)286-7185. You can reach him by E-mail at:

Ron Lamoreux, Jr. Class of 1980. Hello to all! Really haven't seen or heard too much from the old gang.  This is the year for the 25 reunion.  Is anyone involved with the planning of it who is on this site?  Is it happening?  Stumbled onto this site by accident so I figured I'd inquire.  Anyone with details or who would like to chat, give us a buzz or an email at 860-621-8413 or . Take care.

Ken Johnson Class of 1981, graduated from the Plumbing shop. After four kids ranging in age from a 21 yr. old son who's a welder to my second son, 14 who's a great football wide receiver, to twin daughter cheerleaders 10 yrs, and six different states, presently Louisiana. At times it seems like just yesterday we walked the halls of Wilcox and times it seems like a lifetime ago. Looking for updates on the rest of the class. E-mail

Kelly (Buonanni) Richard Hi everyone, I graduated in 1981 from achedemics and 1982 from hairdressing. (I am in a unique file.) Anyway next year is going to be our 25th year - where is everyone? Lets have a party! Lets hear some news! As class historian I'd like to add some history to our class yearbook and update where we have all gone and been. We were a legacy that should be remembered and to let you all know Leon and I have three children and our first child is graduating in 2006 from Wilcox he is in Electric with Mr. Weilgosh, yes he is still there and so is Mr. Cavallaro and principal and Mrs. McNicolous the best guidance councelor ever. We have another boy going in next fall. Our third is a girl she is only seven so we'll see. Ok, I hope all is well with everyone. My e-mail address is if you want to chat I am kelzers1 at AIM. Bye for now!

Mike Keezer is a 1982 graduate of the Graphic Communcations department. My wife, daughter and I live in Glastonbury, CT. I work in the IT department of Travelers Life and Annuity in Hartford. I would very much like to hear from my former classmates! My e-mail address is MJKZR@AOL.COM.

Bill Slater   is a 1982 graduate of Wilcox Tech's Printing Shop. He would like to hear from his classmates. He is working for Avaya inc. in Saint Petersbury, Florida. You can send him an e-mail at:

Jim W. Good is a 1982 graduate of Wilcox Tech. I currently live in Nashville Tn. with my wife of 22 years and four children. I'm an associate with Pre-Paid Legal Services and you can reach me at

Rob Bruzy is a graduate of class of 1985 in HVAC. He recently graduated from Briarwood College with an Associates Degree in Mortuary Science. He is a liscenced funeral director and embalmer working for D'Esopo Funeral Chapels in Wethersfield and East Hartford. You can drop him a line at

John Barry is a 1985 graduate. You can contact him by telephone at: (860) 228-9455 - home, (860) 263-6157 - work or by email at: :

John Daggett  is a 1985 grad from Industrial Electronics who enlisted in the US Air Force in 1985. He has been stationed in Japan, Guam, Alaska, Georgia and Colorado. He is currently stationed at the Pentagon in Washington, DC. He is a computer network manager with the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He wants to find out about any class reunions that might be coming up. His e-mail is: or

Jim Carlson  I graduated in 1986 and can be reached a .  I'm working for Amtrak as a Locomotive Engineer out of the New Haven Crew Base.

Michael Sengstock graduated from H.C. Wilcox's Drafting Program in 1986. You can contact him by e-mail at:

My name is Astrid Humes-Algreen . I graduated with the 1986 Graphics Communication Class. 20 years is fast approaching I was wondering will there be a Class Reunion, if so will someone please contact me at .  I have been living in The Bahamas since graduation and I would really like to see everyone and find out what they have been upto these past 20 years.

Lucy Mauro (Vega) is a 1989 graduate of Wilcox Tech. Her telephone number is: (203) 467-4573. You can reach her by E-mail at:

David Hazen  is a 1991 graduate of Wilcox Tech.  He is trying to find out about a 10th year reunion for his class. His telephone number is: 407-523-3997.

My name is James Scanlan and I graduated in 1991 (barely)...but those were some of my best memories from growing up, I am still in the Army and very busy as you can imagine father of 3 great kids who do 10 times better than me in school. wondering if anyone has talked about a reunion? Feel free to email me anytime

Dan LeRoy, a 1993 graduate who studied in the Industrial Electronics shop, now works for Cox Communications in Cheshire. 

Joel Crocker  graduated in 1996 from Graphics. Continued education at MXCTC and now has a degree in Multimedia.  Received 2 awards from college: BC award for Multimedia and also the BC award for Best Animation. Abilities- Web design, Digital Prepress, Graphic Design, Multimedia Presentations, 3D Animation, etc. 1997-2000 Asst. Supervisor in Graphics Dept. of Record Journal newspaper. 2000-Present Digital Prepress Technician and Computer Graphics Guru. Dedicated and proud father of one Ashley Crocker. DOB 2/28/98 email:

KJerry Hayes graduated from HVAC in 1996, and I am still in my trade. I work in sheet metal in the union. I am a very proud father of a four-year-old daughter, Amber Hayes born July of 96. If you would like to contact him please email me at,

Kevin Santoni, a 1996 graduate who studied in the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning shop, is now a Field Service Technician at Cox Communications, Servicing Meriden, Chesire and Southington Areas.

Tim Bernier  Class of 1997 carpentry!  Well, I've done a lot since the days in those hallways.  I got my B.S. from Southern in Human Performance and worked in the gym scene for a while as a nationally certified Personal Trainer.  After that for a while I suffered my way through the Ct Police Academy and am employed by the Guilford Police as a Patrol Officer.  I got married in 2003 and had a beautiful baby girl named Faith Rose.  Any one who wants to contact me, my E-mail is .  I look forward to hearing from everyone.

Jason Boucher a 1997 graduate of carpentry at Wilcox, became a daddy on September 3, 1998. Little "Justin Case Boucher" has made every one in his family very proud.

Patricia Ivers (Class of 97') is residing in Glastonbury, CT with her long term friend Angela Barillaro (Class of 96'). Patricia has been working with her mother's Advertising Agency, Ivers & Associates, LLC in Meriden, CT for the past 5 Years. She also was accepted to the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in Newington, CT and is getting her degree in the Wellness Program. You can reach Patricia at:

Kaleena Kafka Hi everyone, for those of you that have no clue who I am, I graduated from Graphics in 2000. I am currently working full time, and plan to go back to school for my LPN. I have recently found a publisher and am currently working on publishing my book of poetry. If anyone would like to contact me you can email me at

Rachel Fortin I graduated in 2000. I will be graduating college in May of 2002. I'm currently employed by Candlewood Suites as a weekend operational manager. I'vve been working in the industry since I graduated. I'm currently engaged and plan on getting married in 2003. You can email me at

My name is Dan Rosengrant, graduated in 2000, went through carpentry.
Although I just BARELY graduated from school, I have a few things going on in my life. Currenly I do minor networking and I admin my own IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Network. If you wanna join us on the network...make it easier to keep in touch with anyone, email me for details. I do minor web design. You can see my website at I hope to turn that into a webhosting service. Chances are that won't be happening as I am deciding whether I want to go to college at Full Sail in Florida and major in Game Design and Development or join the military like I planned so many years ago. However, it won't be in the air force like planned, I plan on joining the elite team of the Navy SEALS. Keep in touch! email is

Hey, yall! This is Paris Mack one of Wilcox finest. If the name doesn't ring a bell....sorry. I graduated in 2000 from Microcomputer Software Technology. I'm currently going to school in Rhode Island at New England Institute of Technology. I have about 10 months left to receive my BA (bachelors degree) in Computer Information Systems and hopefully movin towards one of my goals as a Network Administrator. Once finished, I'll be working on my business management degree that I'll most likely obtain back in CT. My message to everybody out there and to everybody tryin to get out, keep your head up, stay focused and never settle for less than what you deserve...I'll catch yall on the other side. One-Love Wilcox...Peace! p.s. If anybody wants to keep in touch, my e-mail is: