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May 16, 2009



The Abbott Tech Alumni Social was held on May 16th extending an open invitation to alumni to come and tour the newly renovated school and reconnect with their peers and staff members.  It was a tremendous success as witnesses by the outpouring of former graduates touring the building, many of which brought their families.  We had graduates from the class of 1938 through last year’s class.  There was much to do and be seen.  The school which has its origin back to Main street in 1915 and then moved on to Hayestown Avenue in 1953 recently underwent a sixty million dollar renovation which was completed this year.

The school was littered with memorabilia and the atrium was abuzz with wolverine gear and old yearbooks for sale.  There was even a silent auction of the championship athletic banners which hung in the old gym and have since been replaced with new ones.  There were many positive comments and former students were brimming with excitement for the future of the alumni association as witnessed by them calling their peers “to get down here and check out the new school because you’re not going to believe it”.

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