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Admissions & School Counseling
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Admissions and School Counseling

Interim Director of Counseling and Admissions

Ruth Simoncelli

860-584-8433 x 306

High School Admissions


How to Apply and Commonly Asked Questions

High School Admissions – BTECS Full Day Programs:

  Our full-day programs run from September-June.  We have six incredibly diverse and, “in demand,” programs at BTEC.  These programs include Automotive Technology, Culinary Arts, Electronics Technology, Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration(HVAC-R), Manufacturing Technology and Welding & Metal Fabrication.

What is the application process and requirements?

  Students interested in admissions at the 11th and 12th grade level must complete an APPLICATION that includes grades, transcript, discipline report and most recent standardized testing scores.  The student fills out the application, has his/her parent or guardian sign in the appropriate areas; the prospective student then returns the application to their School Counselor to complete.  The School Counselor then sends us the completed application.

Students must shadow in the program he/she is interested and interview within the same day prior to admission.  We accept applications on a rolling basis throughout the year.


Who applies to BTEC?

  At BTEC we accept students from the entire state of Connecticut.  We are unique in that we only accept high school students who are interested in admission for the 11th and 12th grade. 

How do I get to BTEC?

  Each sending school will provide transportation free for each student to attend BTEC.  Students who have their license and a car can apply for a parking permit in order to drive to and from our school.

Are all of your programs only 1 year?

  Our HVAC program at BTECH is two years long.  Our other programs that we offer are 1 year in length.  If you are a junior and want to return to us as a senior, we have to invite you back.  It is then a requirement for you to re-apply for another program for the following school year. 

Once I apply and am accepted, am I still enrolled at my high school?

  Once admitted, we “borrow,” you from your sending district for the year, and you receive your diploma from your sending high school.  We send your grades back to your sending high school each marking period.  Additionally, you have the opportunity to still participate in extra-curricular activities at your sending high school.  Essentially, you are a student at both schools. 


Do I have to take Academic classes at BTEC?

    At BTECH you will take English, Math and possibly US History, Civics or Psychology in addition to your technical trade.  With successful completion of our program, you will earn a certificate in your technical pathway. 

How many credits can I earn at BTEC?

  You can earn up to 7 credits per year between your academic courses and your technical pathway.


Can I still go to college if I go to BTEC?

   This is a commonly asked question at our school.  Any student that attends our program can move on to a competitive four year university.  Some of our students also choose to attend community colleges.  Our Work Based Learning Program reinforces students’ trade theory and project work with experience in an industrial setting. Students learn how to manage a work schedule with their academic and trade requirements. Students can also earn credit hours toward apprenticeships and are compensated monetarily for their work. Some students continue as a full time employee after completing their certificate program at Bristol TEC. 


Please feel free to contact us for a tour (individual or group) or spend a day shadowing one of our programs.