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CT TECH Fall 2008

Host: Hi I’m Rebecca Washington and welcome to CT TECH. We are going to show you some of the cool things students in the Connecticut Technical High Schools are doing. There are 18 Tech schools all over Connecticut where high school students get real world training.

Host: OK let’s get started. Have you ever thought about building a house? Well our students do it all the time. Let’s check one out.

Carpentry Students: We built this house

Host: Another cool program in our schools is Hairdressing and Barbering. Students learn to style hair and can become licensed hairdressers when they graduate. Let’s check out some of the creative activities being done by our hairdressing students.

Hairdressing Student 1: I'm doing an updo on a long hair mannequin that's going to match the picture.

Hairdressing Student 2: I'm going to be doing a men's clipper cut and an edge up.

Hairdressing Student 3: I'm doing a machine facial on the Este 2000.

Hairdressing Student 4: I'm doing a spa pedicure. I'm pushing off the cuticle and then thinning out the skin.

Host: Finally, we are going to check out Culinary Arts. Here students learn the art of cooking. Let’s check out some sweet desserts and breads our students are working on.

Culinary Arts Student 1: Today we will be making rolls, braids and loaves.

Culinary Arts Student 3: I'm making two types of pie: strawberry rhubard and coconut cream.

Culinary Arts Student 4: I'm going to make a chocolate gnosh cake today.

Host: Those sure looked good. Well, that’s about it for this show. I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the exciting things being done in our schools. If you would like to find out more, check out: www.cttech.org. Thanks for watching.



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