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Alumni News
This section is dedicated to all Norwich Tech graduates. Norwich Tech alumni who want to share news with other graduates can e-mail us at:

To all Norwich Tech Alumni-My name is Kim Manavas. Myself, Lee Ann Johns, Jennifer Coffey and Lori Balczum are a few of the moms that have sons at Norwich Tech that are Seniors this year. Their experience at Norwich Tech has been wonderful!! They are great boys with all bright futures ahead of them. We would like to give our boys and the whole Senior class something they will never forget when they graduate. We have been trying to organize the first ever “Project Safe Grad Night” at Norwich Tech. This event is planned and chaperoned by parents at an off-campus location, and provides a fun night for the graduates to have a last gathering together as a class in a safe, secure, substance free enviroment. This is a event that most other surrounding schools do and we would like to make it a yearly event for all graduating classes. This event requires a lot of planning and fundraising. It can cost an estimated $20,000 for the entire class!

I am writing this because time is running out. We have done many fundraisers and have tried very hard to raise this signifgant amount of money but we are still falling short of this goal. I am asking you, as Alumni of this great school, to please help us make this event possible for our graduates and make it a tradition at Norwich Tech going forward.We are looking for monetary donations, big or small. Donations may be considered tax deductible as NTHS Project Safe Grad 2013 is a registered non-profit organization.

Monetary Donations may be made by sending a checkpayable to NTHS Project Safe Grad 2013 to:
NTHS Project Safe Graduation 2013
c/o Norwich Technical High School
7 Mahan Drive
Norwich, Ct 06360

We also have a facebook page at NT Project Grad 2013.

My personal cell phone number is 860-237-1369 if you have any further questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please spread the word to your fellow Alumni.

Thank You for taking the time to read this and your consideration of your donation.

Well the big day came , something me and three former classmates and their wives, have been working on for the past four months....namely, our 52nd Class Reunion. As members of the Class of 1960, we were only 60 strong (with just one girl) in the new NORWICH REGIONAL TECHNICAL SCHOOL building on New London Turnpike. We had a great time going over some of the crazy things we all did back them. Classmates Aaron Friedman, Denny Raymond, Jerry Rubin and I acted as MC's and detailed various subjects. We got to recognize two teachers who attended and two others who sent letters but could not attend (we called our Social Studies teacher, John Garofalo, in Florida and had him on the room PA system...wonderful! I also got to read the Class Will and added my succinct (but somewhat comedic) comments after each item. We hope to do it again in three years..the BIG DOUBLE NICKLES!. Can't believe we waited 52 years to do was so enjoyable to re-connect with old friends. Photos are posted on our Facebook page....Norwich Regional Technical School, Norwich, CT.   Dave Bishop

Our Gang in 2012:
Our Gang in 2012
: Back row - Bob "Fred" Burdick, Paul Mankowski, Bob Stevens, Armand Dupuis, Jim Case, Ron Desrosiers, Andy Elnicki, Steve Gwiazda, Jerry Leone, Paul Darr and Tom Szostak. Front row - Science Teacher, Bernard Muldoon, Denny Raymond, Dave Bishop, Jerry Rubin, Aaron Friedman and Physical Education teacher, James Caulfield

Our Gang back in 1960
Our Gang back in 1960. Advisors Anthony Pusateri and Lucie Anciparowitz are in the center.

Class of 80 Graduates Reunion
Class of 80 Graduates Reunion
on August 13, 2010
I am looking to contact Eddie Hubler. We were best of friends and lived near each other thru our high school years,. If anyone has info about him or how I can contact him please e-mail me at My name is Barbara Krysiewicz and I would appreciate any help anyone could give me.
Still looking for class of 1980 graduates. If you would like to forward updated contact info please send to or mail to; Todd Guertin 85 Hansen Rd, Norwich, CT 06360

My fiance attended Norwich Tech and graduated in 2002. During his time at Norwich Tech he only purchased his senior yearbook. We have a daughter who is very curious of when her daddy was in school and he unfortunately has nothing to show her.  We are wondering if any one has unwanted yearbooks from the years 00-01, 99-00, and 98-99. We have tried to get one through the school but have been unsuccessful.  Please contact us either at or . Thanks!!

Kevin Korineck Class of 2005. Hey everyone. Just wanted say that if it wasn't for the training I received in this school for electronics, I would've never became such a good technician. I'm an electronics technician in the United States Navy now working in Virginia taking care of ship communications to shore stations. This school was definitely worth it. Thank you to all the staff that helped make the school the way it was in 2005. E-mail:

The name is Jeff Littlefield. I was class of 2002 just wanted to let everybody know that I'm great and if theres anybody from the 2002 class that can't get a hold of me or under classman that i was friends with heres both my e-mails and or my cell 860-383-6292 I now have a great job. I work at Electric boat working and designing submarines. It's a great job. thank You Norwich Tech for all the lessons learned during the school year. I'm still living in CT but moving very shortly to RI. Hope to here from my class mates.

Erick Holmes WOW one more and it will be 10 years since that I have been out of high school and man has stuff changed for me. To begin with, I have nally and I mean finally have finished the CT Army National Guard. My goodness 9 years of stress and worry and to an extent mistreatment it has finally come to an end on 29 April 2011. I cannot say that all of these years wasn’t bad. I was able to do things that I wouldn’t have even thought of doing or even trying. I’ve been to places that I wouldn’t even think of going. All in all it was great but I’m so glad to be out. Right now I’m living in Fort Myers, Florida. Yeah I know guys Florida. I just got a new job at Fort Myers Beach and things for right now are going well. As much as i didn’t want to leave family and good friends, I also needed to look out for myself. Ok enough with that lol. Sorry people I do not have a face book page. I don’t believe in that garbage but soon I will have one because of some friends that I don’t talk or see a whole lot so who ever reads this I hope that you guys will check face book out from time to time and I will be on there just don’t know when. Finally my email has changed to I made it easier for myself to remember lol. My email has changed but my cell number is still the same 860-608-3533. I have had that same number for ten yrs now. I got it when I was 18 and now I’m 28 so that number has never changed. So for all the Norwich tech graduates that read the alumni news from time to time please call. I prefer text or email but still call. Hopefully we can start planning for our ten year reunion I would love to be a part of that and hopefully everyone can show up. So anyways graduates continue to do good things for yourself and to others, stay out of trouble, and remember that your loved take care and hopefully I will speak to some of you soon.  

Hello Norwich Seniors. It's from Class 2002. Well there have been a lot of things that has changed. To begin with my age, has change from a 19 yr old to a 25 soon to be 26. My gosh look at the yrs go by fast. I have added a few pounds but still that scrawny looking guy with the handsome face (lol).

But anyways I just wanted to say that it has been 6 years since I have been in high school and I never thought that I would say this but man do I miss it. Yes I know that I'm not writing properly. In my line of work and career we are not required to write properly just write LOl. But seriously if anyone else reads this i hope that someday we can have our reunion and be better in touch with people. As we get older you start to think on things that have happened to you in life. The clicks in high school were they worth it or disgruntled students. You ask yourself some of whom are mothers and fathers ask yourself could I have been a better person and the answer to that would be who knows.

The point i'm trying to make is that I would like for anyone who checks this web site out to get in contact with me from the class of 2002. I just want to see how everyone is doing and keep in touch with everyone or a few people. Anyways contact me at Do not send an an email to's old and doesn't work. This new one is the best way to contact me. Anyway, I hope that everyone can read this and contact me and we will be able to have a decent reunion. Also for you former students from the 1998 era my brother Oliver Holmes Class of 98 Automotive is doing well. If you have questions or want to get in touch with him please contact me and I will get in contact with him. Thanks Ya'll and enjoy.

Derek Wheatley, Class of 2000. Hey everyone! I wanted to stop by and see how everything has been going since high school days! Many of you probably remember that I raced Motocross all throughout school. Shortly after graduation I did a lot of traveling teaching a motocross school for American Suzuki – “Tony D Motocross Schools”. It brought me to just about every state in the US. I raced up until about 3 years ago, but now with a family I’m working at a steady job for General Dynamics down in Virginia. Chris Timon, haha I still remember the beef jerky sales! I look forward to hearing from all of you, feel free to email me at

Hey, this is Chris Timon here. Class of 2000. My shop was Graphics Communications. I can't believe it's been four years since I've graduated. I remember it like it was yesterday. Since I've graduated, I've enjoyed two trips to Atlantic City, New Jersey. I've been to Boston, and owning my own beef jerky business is still one of my goals.

I'd like to say hi to some of my former teacher. Hey Mr. Hogan (Red Sox!), hi Mr. Bell, hey Mr. Jones (Cowboys vs. Redskins), Hey Mr. Steurer. Hi Mrs. Lunt. Hey Mr. Mrowka (Go Bucks!) Hey Mrs. Constantino. Hi Mr. Krodel. Hey Mrs. Rochette.

Some of my friends I went to school with: Hey Chris N. , Jahmal Young, Josue Rivera, Rafael P., Larry W., Ray Lopez, Doug I., John Ward, Crystal Butler, Nate R., Charlie E., Allison S., Tel L., Rob B., John Skinner, Josh S., Heidi C., Krystle Ross, Nicole H., Matt M., Chris S., Dan Hunter and to everyone else, how you doing? I look forward to attending the Norwich Tech Class of 2000 reunions. If anyone would like to contact me, you can e-mail me at:

Carl Hartley Sr., Class of 1998 - Wondering if any other alumni from class of 1998 are interested in having a 10 year reunion? IF possible please inform me and them with details on how to get everyone's information to send out flyers or pamphlets to inform others of a possible reunion.. thanks for your time..

Scott Harris, Class of 1997 - Just thought I would say hi to everyone and see if I knew anyone on here or if anyone knew me. It's been a very hectic past 6.5 years for me. I attended Johnson and Wales for a year but decided not to stay there and instead attended Uconn. I graduated from there with a BS in neurobiology and a minor in neuropsychology..I am now working to graduate in December with a master's degree in Clinical forensic psychology. After that I am going to be applying to Medical programs for forensic psychiatry.And well then I am going to be done.. Long time to go though.
So basically just wanted to catch some people up on what has been going on in my life and thought that I would see if anyone that I attended school with ever looks on here.

Athena Ross-Allen Hey class of 1997! where has the time gone.. tought I'd post my current info as it's changed a few times.. moving in to a new house now..very happy to have found a place incali that reminds me of Ct.. my boyfreiend Dave & I are raising our 2 kids Jaden 6 and dorian 3..time flies!
I stopped teaching when Dorian was 2 and I still sell partylite candles.. would love to hear what people are up to these days drop me an email or find me on facebook or myspace.
I hope everyone is weird our old school is gone... I'll have to go see the new campus next time I visit Ct
Take care all & remember.
Auto 97 rules!

Jamie Burke from Hairdressing class of 1995. Hoping to find some old friends. I now live in Jacksonville Florida. I am the Director of Sales and Marketing at a hotel resort in Jacksonville Beach. I have a wonderful son named Danny. Didn't know if anyone was planning a class reunion. Would love to attend if one does happen. My e-mail address is

Jesshua Ballaro-Pina - I graduated in 1995 in the hairdressing dept. I now own my own salon called Taftville's Stylin 2 in Taftville CT. I substitute teach at Norwich Tech and it is a better school than ever.  Anyone interested in helping to plan a class reunion please contact me 860-885-1990 or email

Dan Pooler graduated in 1994 from the Drafting Dept. He is living in Fort Lauderdale now and he would like to get in touch with some friends in the same graduating year. You can contact him at:

Chad Snurkowski LaCroix - Hello, I'm inquirying about a baseball supplement for the class of 1989 yearbook. We are looking to have a reunion in August and a few of my classmates wanted to have it at the reunion. If you could help me on this journey of planning it would be most appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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David Elder I saw everyone else checking I thought I would, too! Graduated in 1988 Graphics! I am working as the Program Director and Afternoon Drive host on 97.7 WCTY in Norwich! I hope the rest of the class of 1988 is doing well.  All the best to everyone at Norwich Tech...I can't beleive it's been 20 years...and now they will be getting a new school!

Class of 1988. Hello my name is Charles Boisvert and it seems that time has flown by even quicker after high school. I have been living in Windsor CT for the past few years working as a Mortgage Advisor. If you would like to contact me you can e-mail me at .

Joe Kenny is a 1988 Plumbing graduate of Norwich Tech. He has been living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for the last 9 years working as a Project Manager for a large commercial construction company based out of Boston, Massachusetts. If you would like to contact him, you can e-mail him at:

My name is Jo-Anne Andrews. I graduated in 1985, and now live in Florida. I am trying to find a year book as I lost mine on graduation night, at Danette Robinson's graduation party. Would also love to hear from any classmates... Thanks JoAnne Andrews Lanyon. E-mail address is:

My husband and I are graduates of Norwich Tech, David Coombs Class of 1981 and Kim (Hardin) Coombs Class of 1982.  We are now living in Kingsport , TN.  We would love to hear from fellow classmates at

David Buchan, class of 1981 Graphics Department..Living in Plainfield, CT Currently employed as a 6 color press operator for a food packaging manufacturer outside the Norwich area. Enrolled at Quinebaug Community College working toward my Associates Degree in Fine Arts Majoring in Graphic Design. Married to Cindy of 19 years, with 2 boys aged 16 & 12.

My name is Darlene Chute and I am a graduate of the Electronics Shop in 1979. I am in North Carolina and would love to touch base with any fellow classmates out there! Drop me an email at

My name is Joe Sisco and I am a 1978 graduate of the Carpentry Department. I live in Bedford, Texas with my wife and two kids, both teens. I work for the city of Bedford as a Maintenance Technician. I am involved in many civic functions throughout the year. My e-mail is: I would love to visit with my old classmates.

Paul Phenix is a 1978 graduate of Norwich Tech. He was in
the a/c shop with Mr. Sperazza. He moved to Florida shortly after graduation. His current email is:

My name is Richard J. Pasqualini Jr. and I graduated from Norwich Tech in 1977 where I enjoyed my high school life. I am sorry to see the old school go, as there were many memories there. I will be retiring in 08 from 30 years of Law Enforcement in New London County where I have been a detective for the last 12. Anyone from the class of 1977 can reach me at RPMP93SBCGLOBAL.NET.

Greetings all! I thought I would drop a line to the old gang to say I'm still alive an well! Mark Malia, Electronics, 1976.

I'm Scott Huntington (Jeffrey) a 1976 graduate form the Air Conditioning shop. I was contacted a couple of months ago about a reunion, We live in Nashville NC now and Visit family almost every year in Mystic. I look forward to seeing some of the people I went to school with. I just showed my year books to my youngest son, maybe I should rethink this.

Jeff Pothier is a 1976 Electrical graduate of Norwich Tech. If you would like to contact him, you can e-mail him at:

I am looking for the email or mailing address of Lenny Winkler LPN class of 1976. My name is Laura Wichmann. My e-mail address is ramani108 Thank you so much

Michael Sweeney graduated 1975 out of the Machine Shop. Continued to stay active in Stock Car Racing with various teams. Went to EB after graduation, but only stayed a short time. Moved to Manchester Ct and got into the Aerospace trade. Now been at Sikorsky Aircraft for the past 22 years, spent the last 15 years traveling around the globe, China, Asia, and Europe. Wonder were all the old classmates are…

My name is Fred Bogue and I am looking for  Bill Sheehan. Bill graduated in 1973 and I graduated in 1975. If Anyone knows where he is please pass along my email:

Allen Thompson is a 1975 graduate. He would like to know the where abouts of Glenn Ryan. His e-mail is

Frank Hendricks is a 1975 graduate of Norwich Tech in the Industrial Electronics department. If you would like to contact him, you can e-mail him at:

Scott D. Bailey (class of 1975) As some of you know, I joined the US Naval Submarine Service right after graduation. I went all over the world in 4 years. Got out and put in 15 years building Subs at EB. After which I've been doing all kinds of technical stuff with electronics and computers in various positions where I've traveled a big portion of the US. Anything technical is what I like! I've even tried my hand at teaching.........Yes imagine that me a teacher. And to top it off I worked as a substitute at...Yes you guessed it, NRVTHS. Let me tell you, it was such a GREAT feeling being on the other side of the desk at Norwich Tech! Life has been great. Enough of me blowing my horn! Let's hear yours:

Bob Hodge is a graduate of the Class of 1974 Industrial Electronics shop. He served 24 years in the submarine service spending the last half of his career in Hawaii and California. He retired from the Navy and returned home to Colchester in 1996 to be with family and establish some roots. He now runs the Operations Department of INNCOM International, based in Niantic, managing the installation of automated building management systems (lighting, electronic locks, and HVAC) in hotels and resorts worldwide. Classmates looking to catch up on old times can email him at:

Michael Anthony EselunasMy name is Michael Anthony Eselunas. I'm a survivor and graduate of the Graphic Communications Dept. circa 1973, a famed class of such radical nature, we were responsible for the, now common, co-ed classes,..smoking areas..and even closer security on class trips...But that's another story. Do you still take the trip to Washington, DC? I was also the former editor of the yearbook and newspaper (I was responsible for the newspapers original "Rolling Stone " style) Anyway, I thought I'd forward a photo from a recent FOX television shoot. I'm acting now and still writing music ( I wrote the Dale Earnhardt Tribute song "The Man In Black") you can find it on the internet or ebay. It will give you something to laugh about when you compare it to my yearbook photos ( there are quite a few if you look carefully at 72/73). Well have fun, maybe we can chat sometime, thank you.

Michael Anthony Eselunas
5044 Palmetto St.
Port Orange, Fl.

Albert Landsperger is a Class of '73 graduate and he is trying to find out if there is a plan for a thirtieth reunion in 2003. He is living in Washington and wants to include a trip in next summer's plans. He has contacts with several other classmates and no one seems to know about one. Please advise him if you know of an attempt to plan one and who is a point of contact.
Al Landsperger
413 160th St. S.
Spanaway, WA 98387-8514

My name is Walt Bannon. I am living in Maine , "THE WAY LIFE SHOULD BE".  At least that is what the road sign says as you enter Maine on Rt. I-95.  I work for Dielectric designing and building broadcast antennas for the lauch of digital television.  I also just finished writing a book about my bottle digging hobby.  The rights were purchased by Publish America .  It's called Digger Down.  You can see it at their site,   E-mail is: I hope to hear from my class of 73. What a cross country team!

Jim Brennan class 1972 Electric shop. After high school I joined the US Navy and traveled the world. In 1976 I was honorably discharged from the Navy and started a career with the government in Norfolk, VA where I lived until 1978. I ended up back here in Griswold, CT where I have a nice home and currently live happily with my Rowhiller Cyrus. I raised 3 great kids as a single parent whom are all grown and on their own now and doing very well.

As for myself, I work at the Sub base here in Groton CT as an electrical engineering tech and I am 2-1/2 years passed retirement 38 years. I will be retiring 06/01/2011 and hope to raise hell until the end of the world in 2012.

E-mail is:

Jim Brennan class 1972 Electric shop. After high school I joined the US Navy and traveled the world. In 1976 I was honorably discharged from the Navy and started a career with the government in Norfolk VA. Were I lived until 1978. I ended up back here in Griswold CT. were I have a nice home and currently live happily with my Rowhiller Cyrus. I raised 3 great kids as a single parent whom are all grown and on their own now and doing very well.

As for my self, I work at the Subase here in Groton CT as an electrical engineering tech and I am 2-1/2 years passed retirement 38 years.

I will be retiring 06/01/2011 and hope to raise hell until the end of the world in 2012.

Hi everyone I am Francis ( Big Al ) Paquette, Auto class of 1972. I have worked as a G.M. auto. tech. most of my life. I took a break from the auto field for about 5 years in 78, to run my own 18 wheeler, D.B.A. "Paquette Transportation". I achieved " World Class " certiffication with General Motors in 2006 only to be forced to retire in 2008, due to medical crap. I have 2 wonderfull little girls, actualy adult girls, Michelle and Jenn. living in Colchester. I left Ct. in July of 2008 and moved to North Carolina, not too far from U.N.C. and Duke, the "medical capitol of the world". It would be nice to hear from anyone and to talk about our trip to now. My e-mail address is and my cell,( still a Ct. number ) is 860-729-4883.   Till then:  Big Al.

I'm looking for Al Jowdy, Rich Falley, Mark Proto, Charlie Hughes, Skip Hollis and others of the class of 72. It would be nice to chat or meet some of you again.
Give me a shout...
Gary Blanchard

David Cook class of 1970 attended the electric shop under Mr. Jack Lonardelli, Mr. John Green, and Mr. Howard Ogert. After graduation I moved back to my birth place in Mississippi, where I reside now. I was wondering if the Class of 70 is going to have any reunions coming up, I have not been in touch with any of my classmates. If you know of anything regarding Class of 70 activities let me know by e-mail. My e-mail is:

Hi this is Joe Murray class of  68 Machinest course. After graudation went to work for Pratt & Whitney. In 1970 enlisted in the USAF knowing I was going to be drafted. Went to Nam anyways in 1972. Stayed in for 20 years.After I retired  went to work as a Qualitiy Control Manager for a company who manufactured Race Car Products in California. I fully retired in 2003 and living the rough life in Kansas. Any class mates can find me on Facebook or e-mail me at

Don Brodeur graduated from the Machinists Course in 1968. Off to Viet Nam right after (I think anyway, kind of foggy) Some of us didn't come back.Even though I have been in management for some 30 years, I have always had the advantage of having my "Trade School" (as we called it in the old days) machining skills. It gave me an advantage over many others. Sad to see the course is no longer offered. Where will we get good machinists now? China? Most of my career has been in Aerospace except for the most recent years. I managed operations for Hitchcock Chair (closed) and an automotive plant (closed) Not my fault.

I am currently the Plant Manager at a hardware company in Torrington, CT. I still get to jump on a Bridgeport occasionally (you non-machinist won't know what a Bridgeport is). I went to one reunion but I can't recall which one. Too many old people there. Really boring. I would love to hear from some of the boys I used to run with. Our class only had about five or so girls. We had to hit NFA and take their girls. So maybe Gus, Click, Bertha Daison, Bobby D, and anybody else from '68' who can still remember anything, send me an e-mail.
The best to you all.

Joe Waldron -- I was a 1964 Machine Shop graduate, but went right into the Marine Corps two weeks after graduation (with Dan Espinosa, also a '64 grad -- where are you, Dan?). Except for an occasional visit to Norwich over the next fifteen years or so, I haven't been back since. I retired from the Corps in 1992, and now reside in Bellevue, Washington with my wife and two sons. If anyone knows of any planned reunions, I'd love to hear about them. I can be reached at Jeffrey Jaskot, Semper fi!

Lindy Webber - Class of 61 Machine Shop, I retired in 1998 and since have moved to Williford, AR. My address is 253 Valley View Trail ,Williford, AR. 72482 .You can contact me at: Would enjoy hearing from my old classmates. Also here is my Web page at:
Hey Where are you Fuzzy ??