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Summer Reading at Oliver Wolcott Technical High School


Summer reading will be required for all students, including incoming ninth graders.  The reading will be connected to our Accelerated Reading (AR) initiative, a computer-based program that promotes reading skills by allowing students to choose high-interest books and take online quizzes.  For this summer’s reading, students and parents may go to to check if a specific title is in the AR database of nearly 144,000 books.  AR books are easy to find in libraries and bookstores since they include most books that are popular with young adults; however, families are advised not to purchase books until checking the website.


The student must select a book with a reading level of “MG” or higher.  Also, experience teaches that students should take the quizzes soon after finishing the books, so it’s a good idea to complete the book toward the end of the summer.  If this is not possible, we offer a link to a “Book Summary by Chapter” worksheet that will help students review the books before the quizzes.  Quizzes will be administered in the first days of school. 


Please note that students who have attempted to take quizzes on books they might have read much earlier find that they do not score well.  Read something new that you will enjoy!



Name: ____________________________

Book Summary by Chapter

 Fill this summary in as you read along in your AR book.

Book: ____________________________ Author:__________________________




Chapter 1




Chapter 2




Chapter 3




Chapter 4




Chapter 5




Chapter 6




Chapter 7






Chapter 8




Chapter 9







Chapter 10




Chapter 11




Chapter 12




Chapter 13




Chapter 14




Chapter 15




Chapter 16






Chapter 17






Chapter 18






Chapter 19






Chapter 20






Chapter 21






Chapter 22






Chapter 23






Chapter 24






Chapter 25






Chapter 26