Image of CTECS Board Members. Back row, L to R: Commissioner Charlene Russell-Tucker, Patricia Keavney, Dr. George Anderson, Dr. Ellen Solek Front row, L to R: Todd Berch, Christine Benz, Jim Gildea, DECD designee, Lance Hall

The Connecticut Technical Education and Career System has an advisory board consisting of eleven members as follows: two members with experience in manufacturing or a trade offered CTECS, or who are alumni of the system; two members who are executives of Connecticut-based employers and who shall be nominated by the Connecticut Employment and Training Commission; the Commissioners of Education, Economic and Community Development, and Labor, or their respective designees, shall serve as ex-officio members of the board. Members of the board shall be appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the General Assembly. The Governor appoints the Chairperson.

Hello CTECS Family,

We are honored to be appointed and to serve as members of the Advisory Board for the Connecticut Technical Education and Career System (CTECS). We are a diverse group of leaders from education, health services and industry, as well as the State of Connecticut Departments of Education, Labor, and Economic and Community Development. Many of us, now that CTECS has transitioned to an independent agency, have returned to serve on the CTECS Advisory Board. Our collective board experience has provided us with the opportunity to experience first-hand the highly skilled and committed students, staff, and school leaders at CTECS.

CTECS is well known throughout Connecticut as an exemplar provider of high-quality career and technical education programs – offering a wide and contemporary variety of trades in areas such as Aviation, Health Services, IT, and many more. CTECS high school and adult education graduates are highly sought after by employers both locally and nationally.

We have heard from community leaders and employers about the vital importance of growing and supporting CTECS as it continues to drive the state’s workforce economy. We understand the positive economic impact that our school system continues to have on Connecticut’s workforce, including its long-term development and expansion. Equally important is CTECS’ ability to transform the lives of students by equipping them for life with the necessary skills to earn a significant living in the trades immediately upon graduation.

As CTECS’ newest Advisory Board, we look forward to exploring and discovering ways that we can further support the CTECS family, both now and in the future. We encourage you to visit this page often to access information on future board meetings and initiatives. Thank you and we look forward to a positive and productive school year!