Thank you for your interest in construction work to be performed by students of the Connecticut Technical Education and Career System (CTECS). Our students complete a variety of work relating to Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC services.

All production work is selected for instructional value in accordance with the school district’s curriculum. The instructional program takes precedence over all work performed by the school including timeliness for job completion. Inclement weather, pandemic outbreak, and other unpredictable events may cause extended delays. Therefore, CTECS reserves the right to refuse services and /or terminate the contract in the event that the instructional value of the project is deemed to be insufficient by CTECS. Some indications of instructional value include but are not limited to:

  • Curricular Alignment
  • Job Size (enough work for 15-18 students)
  • Distance from School

Please note: We are not a service company and cannot accept repair or annual service work.

Things to consider when applying for work to be completed by the CTECS Student Workforce   

The CTECS and employees of CTECS, act as a “Labor Only Contractor.” The customer agrees to act as the general contractor. General contractor responsibilities include but are not limited to providing/obtaining the following:

  • Certification of Personal Liability Insurance coverages (minimum $300,000)
  • Certificate of Environmentally Safe Site, if built prior to 1978
  • Payment for Labor Fees, prior to the start of work
  • An appropriate sanitary bathroom facility
  • All appropriate plans, specifications and other construction documents pertinent to construction
  • Overall Site Safety. Some examples: accessibility, snow removal, animal contract, cleanliness, site security, etc.
  • All necessary permissions and building permits related to construction
  • Periodic review of on-going project
  • Supply and secure all materials and supplies
  • Temporary heat and GFCI electrical supply (if applicable)
  • Minimize their face to face contact with CTECS staff and students
  • Limit the exposure to third-party contractors
  • Notify CTECS staff of any potential exposures to the COVID-19 virus or variants

CTECS is part of the State of Connecticut (“State”) and as such, shall assume no liability of any kind under the terms of this agreement. Inasmuch as the State utilizes inexperienced student labor in an effort to enhance training for particular trade skills, the State assumes no liability for negligence or carelessness or delay in the work performed pursuant to this contract.

The application process for production work includes:

  1. Application- you must fill out the entire application to be considered for services.
  2. Insurance company name, policy number and expiration date must be included in application.
  3. CTECS Central Office reviews all applications to ensure the job is appropriate for the Student Workforce Program.
  4. Jobs will either be assigned to an appropriate school or rejected.
  5. Within 10 days, a trade-area Department Head will contact you to discuss the job and schedule a site visit. The site visit is to evaluate the job for instructional value.
  6. If the job is an instructional fit, the DH will facilitate the completion of a contract.
  7. Once the contract is approved, the work may begin.
Apply for Student Production Work