Work-Based Learning (WBL) is a part of the CTECS Student Workforce. WBL allows a student to work for an employer during their trade instructional time. Students not only receive credit toward their career technology, but also get paid. WBL is offered at all CTECS schools as a way for students to gain real-world experience, work in teams, solve problems and meet employer expectations. Through partnerships with local companies, students gain hands-on career development experiences that will help them through the transition from school to work and give them an advantage in the competitive workforce.

Through a close relationship between the Connecticut Department of Labor and CTECS, students 16 and older are permitted to work in all trades, including high-hazard trades. Each school has a dedicated WBL Coordinator to promote and provide support for student and industry partners throughout the process.

A student must meet certain eligibility requirements to participate in WBL. These include, but are not limited to, being at least 16 years of age, a junior or senior, and in good standing in academics and trades. Once a WBL employer is identified, the student will work with the WBL Coordinator to complete an application. While working, students will be responsible for completing a weekly report of work and submitting performance evaluations.

Work Based Learning (WBL) may be provided to any student who has completed their sophomore year and is a minimum of 16 years of age. The student must have and maintain an overall marking period grade average of 70 or above, with no failures, and a minimum grade of 70 or above in their trade area. The student must demonstrate trade proficiency by having grades of acceptable or better in learning areas in which he/she has been instructed based on performance criteria established in the curriculum. The student must be in compliance with the school attendance and discipline policies.

While school is in session, Juniors may be released no more than 14 school hours per week and no more than 25 school hours per nine (9) day cycle.  Seniors may be released no more than 21 school hours per week and no more than 38 school hours per nine (9) day cycle until the beginning of the second semester after which there is no restriction on hours.

A student can find WBL employment opportunities in a variety of ways. Students may reach out to local employers on their own, the technical high school may have a list of employers looking for WBL students, or employers may contact the school throughout the year looking for employees. Students are encouraged to work with their trade-area Department Head or school’s WBL Coordinator on securing employment.

If a student would like to participate in WBL they should connect with their WBL Coordinator. They will assist the student in completing the application and working with the employer to ensure all of the proper documents are in place.

If an employer is interested in having a technical high school student work for them, they should contact Patricia King, CTECS WBL district coordinator, or the WBL Coordinator at the school in which their business is closest to.

View a list of CTECS schools and locations.

School WBL Coordinator
A.I. Prince THS Zandonella, Wilder (
Bristol TEC Heun, Christopher PMT – WBL (
Bullard-Havens THS Tibrewal, Sandeep (
E.C. Goodwin THS Feldman, Elizabeth (
Eli Whitney THS Hutchins, Vanessa (
Ella T. Grasso THS Grossman, Jonathan (
Emmett O’Brien THS Mooney, Mark PE – WBL (
H.C. Wilcox THS Kisner, Cynthia (
Harvard H. Ellis THS Pascone, Kimberly (
Henry Abbott THS Nadeau, Jonathan (
Howell Cheney THS Caraballo, Jousette (
J.M. Wright THS Cosell, Justin (
Norwich THS Cervera, Jack (
Oliver Wolcott THS Seitlinger, Stephanie (
Platt THS George, Colleen (
Vinal THS Garcia, Michael (
W.F. Kaynor THS Ogorzalek, Nicholas (
Windham THS Boothroyd, Stacy (

The CTECS Job Board is a great resource for students and/or current graduates full of skilled-trade employment opportunities across Connecticut.

Visit this webpage to post a job. All positions are reviewed by CTECS staff prior to posting and will remain active for 90 days.

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