GROUP 1: Instructors with Initial, Provisional or Temporary Certification (except Guidance and Reading Instructors)
03 $58,461.75
04 $61,619.47
05 $64,785.30
06 $67,952.28
07 $71,114.63
08 $74,278.14
09 $77,439.34
10 $80,604.34
11 $83,767.52
12 $86,931.02
13 $90,098.01
GROUP 2: Instructors with Professional Certification; Guidance and Reading Instructors with Initial, Provisional or Temporary Certification; Library/Media Specialists
02 $63,244.69
03 $66,862.62
04 $70,479.38
05 $74,101.94
06 $77,721.72
07 $81,337.79
08 $84,956.87
09 $88,580.59
10 $92,197.36
11 $95,814.12
12 $98,143
13 $100,468.39
GROUP 3:Department Heads, Psychologists, Social Workers, Dean of Students
01 $68,857.63
02 $73,035.46
03 $77,213.29
04 $81,388.80
05 $85,567.78
06 $89,743.29
07 $93,924.60
08 $98,098.94
09 $102,277.93
10 $106,455.76
11 $110,633.58

GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES : Teaches students in trade/technology subjects or academic subjects at the secondary school level.

SUPERVISION RECEIVED: Works under the supervision of the Connecticut Technical High School Department Head and the administration, which may include the Principal or Assistant Principal.

EXAMPLES OF DUTIES: Plans and implements lessons which actively engage students in learning based on the system’s Curriculum and Implementation Guides; assesses students and modifies lessons accordingly; maintains an orderly classroom conducive to learning and promoting respect for other students and teachers; counsels students; communicates on a regular basis with parents; attends faculty and other professional meetings; and participates in ongoing professional development and self growth. Opportunities are available to coach sports and/or sponsor extracurricular activities for an additional stipend. Trade/technology instructors also identify and solicit production work for 11th and 12th grade students, maintain tools and equipment, and may drive the school production work bus when necessary.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATION, KNOWLEDGE, SKILL AND ABILITY: Knowledge of teaching and educational principles, methods techniques; skill in a particular trade/technology or academic subject; skill in working effectively with students; ability to express ideas clearly.

EXPERIENCE AND TRAINING: EXPERIENCE AND TRAINING: For Trade/Technology Subjects: High school diploma or equivalent, three (3) professional education courses and not less than eight (8) years of trade experience in the field requested, which may include no more than five (5) years of apprenticeship and/or specialized schooling. For Academic Subjects: Minimum requirement of a bachelor’s degree and completion of a planned program of preparation at a college or university.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS All teachers must hold an appropriate Connecticut teaching certificate Trade/Technology instructors must also possess a Connecticut Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and a Contractor’s License, if required, for the trade. For information on how to obtain a CDL, go to the DMV web site at: