Join the Connecticut Technical Education and Career System as a Substitute Teacher

Top five reasons to be employed as a substitute instructor in the CT Technical Education and Career System:

  • We value substitutes.  They play a key role in the education process.
  • Substitute daily rate of pay is $155.00.
  • Great students and staff.
  • Seventeen schools across Connecticut that currently employ substitutes.
  • 30 technology/trade areas.

Substituting in the academic subjects

Substitute academic applicants must submit a CT-HR-12 application form, be fingerprinted, have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree. Please submit either a copy of your degree or unofficial transcript.

After the application and a copy of your degree or unofficial transcript have been received, a mandatory addendum form will be e-mailed to you by a representative of the Bureau of Human Resources that must be completed and returned to Human Resources. The Educational Employer Verification Form will be sent to you if you have current or previous employment in a position that you had contact with children. This form needs to be filled out by you and sent to all places of employment that you had contact with children. Also, the DCF Background Check Form will also be sent to you to fill out.