CTECS’ Department of Labor-approved apprenticeship curriculum reflects the latest in industry standards and trends. Our new online programming allows apprentices to take any CTECS-offered course without the need for travel, limiting exposure to COVID-19, influenza, and other germs. We offer courses in Barbering, Heating & Cooling, Electrical, Sheet Metal, and Plumbing.

Online classes are offered real-time, providing face-to-face interaction opportunities between students and instructors. Technology tutoring and support is available. Plus, we offer the lowest tuition rates in Connecticut!

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Our program provides apprentices with a comprehensive knowledge of their selected career. They learn on the job while working under the supervision of an experienced journey-person and will be registered with an approved sponsor. Students taking all coursework required for their license category graduate with:

  • All related instruction hours needed for their trade area
  • Knowledge and skills necessary to get licensed with the CT-Department of Consumer Protection

Learn more about apprenticeship training at the Connecticut Department of Labor website.

The Connecticut Technical Educational and Career System Apprenticeship Related Instruction program is fully approved by the CT-Department of Labor Office of Apprenticeship Training in the Licensed Occupational Construction trades.

We provide related instruction for all license categories in the following areas:

  • Electrical
  • Heating\Cooling
  • Plumbing
  • Sheet metal

The Connecticut Technical Educational and Career System is fully approved to provide related instruction training in all manufacturing related instruction areas. Manufacturing Related Instruction Programs are flexible, both online and instructor-led to offer the best possible approach to interactive learning.

CTECS curriculum is fully approved by the State of Connecticut. We work hand-in-hand with the CT Department of Labor Office of Apprenticeship Training, and the CT Department of Consumer Protection Occupational Licensing Department to ensure coursework taken is viable and what is required for both industry needs, as well as licensure.

CTECS offers low tuition cost for students, when compared to other schools, and coursework is available at seven convenient locations across the state.

We utilize only CT-DCP licensed instructors with real world experience in the trade they teach, and our own in-house OSHA instructors.

The mission of the Connecticut Technical Educational and Career System (CTECS)is to provide a world-class, unique and rigorous learning environment for high school students and adult learners.

The Connecticut Technical Educational and Career System continues to be a leading force in the state providing a unique and rigorous learning environment that focuses on both academic and career technical education and meets the needs of Connecticut’s employers.

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