Medical Health/Dental Plans

  • Anthem Blue Cross or United Healthcare Oxford (Point of Service, Point of Enrollment and Gatekeeper plans offered).
  • CIGNA Basic, Enhanced or DHMO

Depending on the plan choice, nontaxable premiums are deducted for employees and dependents.

All plans include prescription drug coverage with reasonable co pays. Employees may switch medical/dental plans annually during the open enrollment month. Employees may add a spouse or dependents to their coverage in accordance with plan provisions.

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Pension Plan

  • Choice of contributory retirement plans:
  • Teachers retirement system (8.25% contribution, plus Medicare deduction (7% regular, 1.25% health)

State Employees Retirement System (Tier IV, 6% contribution, plus Social Security and Medicare deduction). Generous medical insurance benefits on retirement with 15 years of state service; 3% of salary contribution to Retiree Health Fund required for 15 years.