You must fill out our online application. All on-time and complete applications will be evaluated. Offers will be sent out no later than the end of February. After you have accepted your offer, we will confirm your promotion, attendance record and review your discipline record. After that, you will move forward to our onboarding process and we will help you prepare for your successful enrollment in one of our technical high schools. Contact us at one of our school guidance offices with any questions.

Yes. All towns provide transportation to the Technical School serving their region. Check with your local school system for specific information.

During the shop cycle students are required to observe shop dress codes and adhere to recommended safety standards. We do have a uniform policy during the academic cycle that is clearly outlined in our handbook and on our website.

Yes. In addition to receiving instruction, experience and certificates in your trade area, you will also earn a Connecticut High School Academic Diploma.

Yes. Connecticut’s technical high schools are fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

Yes, all instructors are certified by the CT State Department of Education.


If you are a resident of Connecticut, it’s free. Technical high schools are funded by the State of Connecticut. However, there are costs associated with tools and uniforms.

Online applications typically open in November each year and are accepted on a rolling basis. However, early applicants will receive notification of placement in February and have a better chance of securing a seat at a technical high school. Students typically enroll into the 9th grade. However, a limited number of seats may be available for incoming 10th graders.

Visit our admissions webpage for more information.

Students many be considered for a transfer into a technical high school until October of their sophomore year. However, the technical high school must have room available in the trade area of interest.

There is no problem with a student transferring back to a local high school if they decide to leave.

Yes, the counseling department encourages students and parents to schedule a tour during the school day if they are not able to attend our Open House.

Contact the counseling and admissions department at any of our schools. A list of contacts can be found on our admissions webpage.