CTECS is Hiring!

CTECS is Hiring! August 19, 2021; Hartford, CT - The Connecticut Technical Education and Career System (CTECS), also known as Connecticut’s technical high schools, is now hiring five full-time assistant principals, and teachers for all trade and academic areas. Whether you’re an experienced educator, recent graduate, a retiree, a [...]

End of Free Summer Meals from CTECS

End of Free Summer Meals from CTECS The Free Summer Meals program that was available through the Connecticut Technical High Schools across CT will be ending at the end of the summer programing. Please see the end dates listed below. For optional Open Feeding Sites near your location, please [...]

Grasso Chopp-ED Competition

As a part of a yearly tradition, grade 10 Grasso Tech Culinary Arts students participated in a "Chopp-ED Competition", modeled off the popular television show Chopped. This comprehensive challenge for the students serves as a graduation activity where they utilize the culinary skills they've learned as underclassmen as they [...]

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