The following are approved elective courses which may NOT be offered at all sites. Please contact the respective School Counseling Department for their elective offerings.

This course is an introduction to all the basic features of using Microsoft Word including creating and editing documents, formatting text and documents and illustrating documents with graphics. Students will be able to create letters, tables, memos, reports incorporating tables, use graphics and merge documents.

This course is an introduction to all the basic features of using Microsoft Excel including creating and editing new worksheets within a workbook using formulas and functions, formatting worksheets and inserting charts. Students will be able to create invoices, develop budgets and interpret data for making business decisions.

The Computer Applications III course provides opportunities for students to develop competency and demonstrate technological proficiency in areas related to computer literacy standards. This course satisfies the requirements for the articulated agreement with the College Career Pathways program. Students will demonstrate the ability to work with a variety of software applications with an emphasis on Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint.

The Computer Applications IV course provides opportunities for students to develop competency and demonstrate technological proficiency in computer literacy standards. Students will demonstrate the ability to work with a variety of software applications. Students are expected to demonstrate mastery of Word, Excel and PowerPoint and utilize Microsoft Publisher to design projects and products that will be exemplified in the senior capstone portfolio. Enrollment in this class requires at least ½ credit in other Computer Applications courses.

Please note: The following courses do not meet graduation requirements for Physical Education.

Students will engage in fitness related activities to improve one’s overall health and wellness.  Students will design and implement a personal fitness program designed to strengthen fitness deficits while improving and maintaining one’s physical health and well-being.

A combination of anaerobic and aerobic workouts for students: including learning the proper technique for lifting weights, TAE BO, Yoga, Pilates and various cardio activities.

Strength and conditioning is designed for those students who want to develop overall body strength and muscular endurance.  The program is designed to strengthen the major muscles of the human body, through lifts such as, bench press, squats, incline bench press. (Course offered only for Grades 11 and 12).

This elective course will allow students to develop and refine skills to increase their overall physical fitness, eating habits and food choices through individualized activities.

Students will participate in individual and dual sport activities designed to improve one’s overall physical health and well-being.  Students will partake in a variety of activities designed to improve one’s physical fitness while providing positive opportunities to engage in recreation.

This course provides students with varied experiences that promote self-discovery and instill confidence in making decisions that impact self and others. Activities include group work, personal reflection,

Student Leadership supports the Student Success Plan through positive social and emotional development, allowing students to engage and to connect to the school environment which encourages students to take risks necessary for academic performance.

The design of the Spanish credit program for the CTECS strives to meet college credit requirements for World Languages based on Common Core Standards and Spanish World Languages course standards. The CTECS Spanish program complies with state standards instruction. CTECS students are offered the opportunity to graduate from high school with an added set of skills by pursuing a foreign language. This pathway provides our students with an added repertoire of academic skills making them college and/or career ready, in order to prepare them for the world of work and enhance their opportunities to navigate the job market of the 21st Century.

The Spanish I and II language curriculum and instruction is based on the 5Cs (Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities) with the goal of building communicative proficiency and cultural understanding.  The CTECS Spanish program follows a blended learning model which provides language instruction during the students’ trade-technology cycle affording them the opportunity of 180 days of time-on-task improving their Spanish language skills.

 Blending the best of a variety of media, levels of interactivity coupled with traditional pedagogy students are immersed in Spanish.  Students are engaged through both digital on-line instruction and teacher-led instruction which provides meaningful interactions to meet the needs of diverse learning styles.  Participating in community activities garners for students genuine opportunities to practice and enhance communication in Spanish.

*For the class of 2023, revisions to the graduation requirements are forthcoming.

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