Health Technology

Students enrolled in the CTECS Health Technology program are given instruction in and demonstrate skills and knowledge in health care safety, nutrition, characteristics of health care teams, National Health Care Standards, categories of health care facilities, legal/ethical/moral concerns in health care, effective communication including medical terminology. The Health Technology program provides a broad-based exposure to a variety of health careers. Students’ progress in foundational health care skills and in grade 11 students are eligible to become certified nursing assistants. In grade 12 students are introduced to medical assistant including electronic health care records.

Students receive 540 hours of instruction in the career/technical program each year.

Students are eligible to participate in Work-Based Learning (WBL) in grades 11 & 12. This program allows companies to hire students during the school day to work in a health care facility. Students will get credit for their work experience and it is an important pipeline for getting our students into industry.

Many of the Health Technology programs are part of the Early College Experience (ECE) at the University of Connecticut. Students are offered 1 credit in Medical Terminology course in the Allied Health discipline, in the senior year. At the end of the junior year, after successful completion of the Certified Nursing Assistant exam, students can receive 4 college credits through Charter Oak State College.

  • Applies safety standards in health care
  • Understand career opportunities in the health care industry
  • Understand medical terminology
  • Discuss importance of professional communication and behaviors
  • List role of nurse aide in caring for clients in the health care system
  • Provide health care skills related to role of nursing assistant
  • Respond to medical emergencies
  • Evaluates legal, ethical and moral issues in health care
  • Explains theory of clinical medical assistant skills and demonstrates skills
  • Demonstrates knowledge of administrative medical assistant skills is proficient in skills
  • OSHA 1910 (Health care Industry) certification
  • CPR and 1st Aid Heart saver and Healthcare Provider
  • Certified Nursing Assistant
  • Basic Care for Alzheimer client
  • Advanced ADL for the Alzheimer Client
  • Electronic Health Records-Front Office
  • Electronic Health Records-Clinical Care
  • Certified Nursing Assistant
  • Office Assistant in medical office or clinic
  • Post-secondary education in health care related programs