Alumni in the news: Fontaine Mechanical keeps clients cool for less

April 19, 2016

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As air conditioning season fast approaches, Fontaine Mechanical promises same-day service, repair and installation of cooling units to help beat the heat.

Bill Fontaine, owner of Fontaine Mechanical at 75 Pleasant Ave., said customers don’t have to wait until their “golden years” to afford the comfort of central air conditioning. With Fontaine Mechanical, they can expect “value and integrity.”

“We give the customer what they want, at a good value for the dollar,” he said. “There’s always work available for this kind of job, but if you give good service and good work, you’ll stay at the top of the food chain. Our customers like that we’re fair and honest.”

Fontaine has more than 20 years of experience in the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning, or HVAC, industry and prides himself on offering expedient, expert and personal service for all heating and air conditioning needs. He is dedicated to being there for customers when they need it.

“People don’t want to wait on comfort,” he said. “We provide instant response and same-day installations. When you call us, a real person will always be ready to answer. We hire good, clean-cut guys who you can feel safe welcoming into your home.”

Fontaine said that there is currently a shortage of skilled workers in the trades, including the HVAC industry. Fontaine Mechanical, he said, is in “desperate need” of an experienced service technician for a full-time position.

“We’re looking for someone who is licensed and has 10 or more years of experience,” he said.

Fontaine said he has filled a lot of other positions with students from Bristol Technical Education Center.

“We like to support the school,” he said. “I keep in close contact with the HVAC teacher, Dave Bauchiero, who was also my teacher. Eight out of nine of our guys were hired from Bristol TEC.”

Fontaine said the HVAC industry has changed since he entered the field more than two decades ago. For instance, many property owners are now required by law to switch to a more efficient coolant in their air conditioners.

“The old stuff depleted the ozone layer and the new stuff is ozone friendly,” he said. “There used to be loopholes where people could still get the old units, but they have since been closed. It’s time to make the jump.”

Fontaine advises people to get their heating and cooling units inspected at least once a year.

“If you find that your cooling system is running for extended periods of time, something is probably wrong with the refrigerant and there may be other potential problems,” he said. “You really should have a professional come in to perform tests with instruments.”

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