Students investigate mock homicide in Meriden

April 25, 2016

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Some high school seniors are investigating after a triple homicide at a Meriden High School. It’s all part of the forensic science program at HC Wilcox Technical High School.

Similar to a real life investigation, students processed the scene, collected evidence and even interviewed witnesses.

“I have a basic idea of what happened, but I don’t know. You never know,” senior Angel Sanchez said. “It could be…There could be a twist.”

They have two weeks to complete the final project and hopefully, solve the crime.

“I’ve only had two teams that officially solved it all the way through,” Ty Perez, who teaches forensic science, said. “So, they have to document it. They just can’t take…have a guess.”

There is a Meriden police officer guarding the scene at the HC Wilcox Technical High School.

“He’s made this really hard. It’s kind of fun doing this,” senior Alejandro Ramirez said. “He’s a great teacher.”

Perez said he has been doing the mock-homicide for seven years. He added it’s really about thinking outside the box and teaching his students to apply the skills to real-life situations.

“I’ve had a number of students who have gotten into forensics or criminal science or become police officers, so it has been fantastic,” Perez said.

Watch the news story on WSFB’s website here.